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Residential door systems

DOCO's residential door systems excel in their innovative features. DOCO markets three modular door systems under the name HOME, which are all easy and quick to install. A solution for the most diverse residential installation scenarios, and adaptable to every requirement. In short, a smart combination of innovation and high build quality.

Modular door system

HOME consists of a modular system that can be adapted to a wide range of residential installation scenarios.

A wide range of accessories

Anti-burglary components, Pass Door kits, extension spring covers and much more.

Easy to install

Every DOCO system has been conceived and developed with the idea of: why make it difficult if it can be done easily?

High, durable quality

DOCO supplies one of the most reliable residential door systems on the market. Because of our high quality, you save on maintenance costs.

Configurator for residential doors

You can configure a complete residential door in just a few steps. Once you have entered all the information, view and download the extensive documentation provided by DOCO.

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Our residential door systems


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