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Residential door systems

The residential door system with front-mounted torsion springs. This system can handle up to 295 kg and, with a width of 6000 mm, is more versatile than other HOME systems. The standard side space is 85 mm and the standard headroom is 190 mm, depending on the operator.

Max. door weight

295 kg

Max. door size

W 6000 mm - H 3500 mm

Min. side space

55 mm - 85 mm

Min. headroom

160 mm - 190 mm

Configurator for residential doors

You can configure a complete residential door in just a few steps. Once you have entered all the information, view and download the extensive documentation provided by DOCO. Start the configurator


One system is suitable for all installation situations

HOME is one of the most innovative modular door systems on the market. A general rail set, plus the specific X, F or R hardware box and springs is all you need. The greatest advantage of the system is that the rail set is the same for all three of our HOME systems. With one rail set you have the option of installing three different systems. This saves important storage space and increases your flexibility. 

F stands for front-mounted torsion springs

HOME-F is the residential door system with front-mounted torsion springs. This system can handle up to 295 kg and, with a width of 6000 mm, is more versatile than other HOME systems. The standard side space is 85 mm and the standard headroom is 190 mm, depending on the operator.

Up to 60 mm in the daylight opening

The standard side space required for installation is 85 mm. This can be reduced to 55 mm if the vertical angle is positioned 30 mm in the daylight opening. The entire system can then be fitted with a total of 60 mm in the daylight opening.

Frame installation optional

Thanks to the frame installation, the system can be fitted by one person. This enables a quick and convenient installation of the HOME system. Use a C-profile to connect the lintel profile to the vertical angle. This ensures the frame always has the right width.

Straight or curved horizontal rail sets

DOCO supplies horizontal track sets, in either straight or short curved aluminium versions. The curved version can be used both in both manual and electrical modes. The straight version can only be used for sectional doors with an electric operator. 

Heat/cold resistance

DOCO offers a special seal with improved thermal properties; an increased U-value of 12% compared to the standard seal. The new seal can be supplied with a special draught excluder. This also improves air flow.

Burglar protection

DOCO's specially developed burglar-proof components strengthen the rail set in critical areas, thereby providing additional protection. A steel reinforcement at the top prevents the garage door from being pushed upwards. The vertical angle profile additionally ensures that the rollers cannot be pushed out of the rail set. The bottom component encloses the lower roller and is also directly attached to the floor. This makes it virtually impossible to force the lower roller.

Renovation cover profile

This cover profile allows for an installation starting from 55 mm free headroom. Ideal for renovation projects. The profile can also be used as a cover profile for the sides of the door frame.

Rust prevention

Use the rust-proof foot to cover the bottom of the vertical angle. This is a simple but effective way to extend the durability of the tracks. The feet can also be used for the shortened sets. 

Perfect alignment 

Use the alignment profiles and align the sectional door 100% precisely with the mounting surface. You no longer need to measure the system crosswise.

Operator support bracket for SOMMER operator

If you are installing a SOMMER operator, use the special connection profiles that connect the operator to the C-profile without drilling into the ceiling. This guarantees an easy installation and a seamless fit.

Multifunctional cover plate

The solid steel cover plate provides a more stable construction. It reinforces the link between the frame and the rails and, thus creating increased stability. To simplify measuring, an additional opening has been added specifically for a measuring tape. The plate also prevents entrapment of hands and fingers.

Custom-made hardware boxes

DOCO's standard hardware boxes contain everything needed to install a complete sectional door. Ideal for smaller orders. For large orders, we supply custom-made hardware boxes.

Flatbed packaging

All DOCO residential door systems can be packed in our innovative flatbed packaging. The flatbeds can be stacked on top of each other in a standard size truck, up to 12 pieces, 4 wide and 4 deep. That’s almost 200 packaged systems in one load.

CE certification 

The DOCO HOME system is CE-certified. The certification is valid for EPCO, Italpanelli, Kingspan, Niemetz, Tecnopan, Marcegaglia and Metecno panels. The HOME-X system using SOMMER operators is certified up to a maximum weight of 130 kg, HOME-F up to 295 kg and HOME-R up to 165 kg.


HOME-F installation manual

The installation manual for our residential door system: HOME-F Download


ITTr HOME-X-F-R Download

Door systems

An overview of our residential and industrial door systems, optional components, customer support, production facilities and more Download

HOME-F installation manual V2

HOME-F installation manual V2 Download


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