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Certificates Support


ITTr HOME-X-F-R 186kB ITTr REN70 EXS70 EXS40R 522kB ITTr SRR70 SFR200 SF200 EXS40 552kB


ITTr industrial doors 119kB


TÜV 25449 230kB TÜV 25450 233kB TÜV 25455 203kB

The certificates are proof of the high quality that DOCO delivers. Our products comply with strict European standards, and are tested subject to these standards. We never take risks in this regard. Our philosophy is clear: we do not market products that don’t comply with the specified regulations. Products that we supply to other continents also comply with European standards. Worldwide, the name DOCO stands for top quality at a competitive price. Our customers are welcome to hold us to that.

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