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Flood Barrier

Residential door systems

Due to climate change, floods are happening more frequent. Rivers overflow during extreme rainstorms and prolonged wet periods. Garage doors are not able to withstand these high-water levels and the market needs a solution. That is why we introduce our Flood Barrier: the ultimate solution for sectional door protection against floods and heavy rainfall. With a patented design, the water-resistant seal holds back water up to 500 mm high, offering a permanent defense with each door closure.


Up to 500 mm high


Always protected

Max. width

6000 mm

Minimal obstruction

Only 100 mm on each side

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Permanent Protection

Our Flood Barrier offers continuous protection against floods and heavy rainfall. Its innovative and patented design ensures that your door remains water-resistant with each closure, eliminating the need for manual setup by the customer before an expected flood. Once installed, your garage door becomes permanently water-resistant, providing enduring protection for your property.

Robust and Reliable

Engineered to withstand the relentless force of floodwaters, our Flood Barrier features innovative design elements for maximum protection:

  • A specialized compression mechanism at the top panel, together with a floor bracket, securely anchors the door in place.
  • A ground threshold prevents deformation of the bottom panel when facing inward pressure from floodwater.
  • Specially engineered profiles are strategically placed on the bottom panel of the door, as well as in the corners of the wall and ground.

Together, these features create a reliable protection against water levels up to 500 mm high.

Minimal Obstruction

The ground-mounted profiles are necessary for the water-resistance of the garage door. They are placed inside of the daylight width and create a minimal obstruction of just 100 mm on each side. To put this into perspective, this is less than the average width of car mirrors.

Complete Kit

Every Flood Barrier is delivered as a complete kit, equipped with all the installation tools you need: helpful spacers, a seal cutting mold, and mounting sealant, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free installation process.

Certified Performance

Our Flood Barrier underwent thorough testing by the European Flood Protection Association (Europaverband Hochwasserschutz e. V.), earning top ratings: class 0 for ‘Storage Volume’, ‘Transport Volume’, and ‘Set-up & Dismantling Times’.

Throughout the testing process, it consistently demonstrated minimal water infiltration, achieving class 1 for ‘Tightness’. The results were outstanding, with an average water seepage into the garage of less than 1 liter/hour. Real-world conditions often yield even better results, thanks to the natural sealing effect of dirt particles in floodwaters.

Installation Requirements

The Flood Barrier kit is designed for newly built HOME door systems up to 6000 mm wide, featuring a straight horizontal track set to withstand upward floodwater pressure.

To ensure maximum protection, the Flood Barrier requires an even and level floor. For uneven surfaces, we recommend our optional floor plate.

For an overview of all the installation requirements, please consult our installation manual.


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