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Residential door systems

The DOCO HOME Zero system is perfect for situations without installation space. The system's rail set can be easily fixed to the wall or ceiling. In short, the ideal solution for tunnel garages and renovation projects which have little or no margin.

Min. headroom

0 mm

Min. side space

0 mm

Max. door height

3000 mm

Max. door width

3170 mm

Configurator for residential doors

You can configure a complete residential door in just a few steps. Once you have entered all the information, view and download the extensive documentation provided by DOCO. Webshop


No headroom needed

Thanks to the innovative lintel mounting brackets, you can install the HOME-X and HOME-R systems in the usual way, only without the usually required headroom. The lintel profile is attached directly to the ceiling, and a special 120 mm cover profile finish is used.

No side space required

The HOME Zero components create a distance between the inner wall and the HOME rail set. The distance created ensures easy installation of the X, F or R systems in situations where there is no side space. 

Fits all HOME systems

The HOME Zero components fit all DOCO HOME systems. The combination of the HOME Zero system with the HOME-X or HOME-R offers most advantages. 

​​​​​An even wider range of applications

By adding these Zero components, it is easy to install the HOME-X and HOME-R system in garages that do not have any headroom or side space. This allows you to work on even more renovation projects and extend to so-called “tunnel garages”.

Stylish cover profiles

Our cover profiles provide a very stylish finish to the exterior of the door. The profiles are available in various sizes and colours. 


HOME Zero installation manual

The installation manual for our HOME Zero components Download

Door systems

An overview of our residential and industrial door systems, optional components, customer support, production facilities and more Download

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