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Intellectual property

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DOCO International shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage resulting from visiting this website or from relying on (possibly incorrect) information on this website, unless it can be established in law that DOCO International can be held liable for intentional and/or gross negligence.

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DOCO International reserves the right to make changes to products, product specifications and prices at any time without prior notice.

Color consistency

DOCO International checks and assesses the color and/or coating of product samples using color measuring instruments. Nevertheless, coatings applied may deviate from an agreed standard in terms of color. In addition, there may be small differences between batches. It should be noted that coatings are industrially manufactured products and as such are subject to the inherent deviations of industrially manufactured raw materials and their manufacturing processes.

Sealed windows

The seals of our sealed windows are designed to prevent entry of dust and water. However, as a result of rapidly changing temperatures in and outside, the windows could fog up as a result of moisture condensation in between the two acrylic layers. In addition, to clean the windows we recommend a gentle wipe with soapy water. DOCO International does not recommend using a pressure washer.

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