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Pass Door

Residential door systems

DOCO's innovative Pass Door is not only durable and sturdy, it is also easy to install and available as a kit or as individual components.


23 mm


Left and right

Clear passage width

840 mm

Opening angle


Configurator for residential doors

You can configure a complete residential door in just a few steps. Once you have entered all the information, view and download the extensive documentation provided by DOCO. View all products


Simple entrance

The extra low 23 mm threshold guarantees trouble-free entrance to the room.

Seals of the highest quality 

No draughts with the high-quality seals, developed in cooperation with front door specialist Groke, a member of the SOMMER group.

Stylish threshold end caps

Each DOCO Pass Door is fitted with special end caps which you can fit without the need to grind the threshold. 

The ‘finger safe’ solution 

Our ‘finger safe’ solution ensures that fingers cannot become trapped between the door panels. This is fully compliant with European directives.

Internally adjustable hinges

Each Pass Door is equipped with internally adjustable hinges. These invisible hinges can be adjusted after installation to fine-tune them to perfection.

Two-point door catchers

The system is equipped with two-point door catchers. This ensures that the door remains stable over a long time period, and is always in the ideal closed position.

Additional door security

Thanks to the invisible door security device developed by SOMMER, it is impossible to open or close the garage door when the Pass Door is not completely closed. 

Multi-point lock

The best way to prevent a break-in is to have a secure lock. Because the safety of both the end user and their garage is very important to us, we offer a multi-point lock suitable for almost every Pass Door on the market. The multi-point locking system locks the door into the frame at five points, thereby locking each panel and improving the safety and closure of the door. Choose our multi-point lock to make it harder for burglars to intrude.


Pass Door installation manual (Kingspan, Epco, Tecnopan)

The installation manual for our residential Pass Door (Kingspan, Epco, Tecnopan) Download

Pass Door installation manual (Italpannelli, Metecno, Marcegaglia, Tecsedo)

The installation manual for our residential Pass Door (Italpannelli, Metecno, Marcegaglia, Tecsedo) Download

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Pass Door - Order Form

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