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Update: Bottom Seal 825103 28-03-2024

We have updated bottom seal 825103 with an additional support mechanism.

What are the key benefits?

  • Additional support mechanism

    The added support mechanism improves protection during transport, ensuring that the bottom seal arrives in optimal condition, ready for installation.

  • Reduced waving

    Incorporating a support between the seal lip and the main body minimizes the occurrence of waving along the seal lip, ensuring a smoother and more consistent seal.

  • Same price

    Despite the enhancement, we are pleased to offer this improved product at the same price, providing you with better value without compromising your budget.

New Design


Video: How to remove the support?

The additional support mechanism can be easily detached and discarded during the installation process of the bottom seal onto the aluminum profile.

IMPORTANT: The support must be removed to ensure optimal safety and seal function

New Design

Old Design

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