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New: top-curve roller position displacer (235226) 05-10-2022

Our product range has expanded even further, with the addition of a top-curve roller position displacer (235226).

Due to the combination of a wide door, door weight and closing force of an electrical operator, it is possible that the top panel slightly bends inwards. This can result in light and airflow coming in through the top corner sides of the top panel. To minimize this effect, we have designed this top-curve roller position displacer, which optimizes the closing position of the top roller and secures the top panel more tightly against the side and top sealing.

The position displacer can be easily mounted on existing doors and fits perfectly on aluminum curve (215006).



Top-curve roller position displacer


  • Tightens the top panel
  • Mountable on aluminum curve 215006

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