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13-10-2020 New full vision profiles

In addition to the introduction of our top and bottom profiles for full vision sections, we are now introducing a new edition of our full vision profiles.

Here is an overview of our new full vision profiles:

Top profile


  • Suitable for profiles 80554, 80557, 820606 and 820621-7200
  • Fits on 40 mm Kingspan and Tecnopan panels
  • Anodised

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Bottom profile


  • Suitable for profiles 80554, 80557, 820606 and 820620-7200
  • Fits on 40 mm EPCO, Kingspan and Tecnopan panels
  • Anodised

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Bottom/side profile for double hinges


  • Profiles to support double side hinges
  • Available in length and pre-cut heights for 500 and 610 mm panels
  • For doors between 4500 mm and 6000 mm
  • Anodised

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Strengthening profile for glass sections


  • Used for doors > 4500 mm
  • Fixated with steel rivets
  • Anodised

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Here is an overview of all our available full vision profiles for residential doors:


# EPCO Italpannelli Kingspan / Tecnopan Industry
A, B, C, D 80554-xxxx, 820606-xxxx
E 80557-xxxx
F 820621-xxxx 820611-xxxx 820621-xxxx 80555-xxxx
G 820600-xxxx 820610-xxxx 820620-xxxx 80556-xxxx
H 820604-7200

For more information about our full vision sections, visit our website catalogue. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your local sales manager.

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