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24-10-2019 New top rollers and improved window sealings

We have developed new versions of four of our residential top rollers. All four types are a running change and will be available when the current stock runs out.

The hole pattern of both top rollers has been altered for an even better alignment with the end caps and our HOME system in general. Also the adjustability of the rollers has been improved with a new range of 17 mm.

Our top rollers 25003 and 25003-R9016 will be followed up by top rollers 230130 and 230130-R9016. The adjustable top rollers 230131 and 230131-R9016 will be the successors of top rollers 25046 and 25046-R9016. The current top rollers will be available until stock runs out.

Have a look at our new top rollers:

Top Roller


  • Replaces top roller 25003
  • Also available in RAL 9016 (white)


Adjustable Top Roller


  • Replaces top roller 25046
  • Also available in RAL 9016 (white)


New improved sealing windows

Also as a running change we are going to deliver windows with a improved sealing. This new seal has a better resistance to high temperature and is coloured white instead of black.

Here is an overview of the windows with improved sealings and their expected availability:

Art. no. Description Available
840602 Window rectangular 548x141mm, sealed glass Now
840606 Window rectangular 424x258mm white, sealed glass ± December 2019
840613 Window rectangular 551x248mm, sealed glass ± December 2019
840616 Window rectangular 424x258mm, sealed glass ± November 2019
85101 Window rectangular 607x293mm, snap-lock, sealed glass ± December 2019
852102 Window oval 651x251mm, snap-lock, sealed glass ± April 2020
85600 Window oval, 595x275mm Now
85601-F Window frame, 545x84mm ± January 2020
85626 Window rectangular 424x258mm white, opaque glass ± May 2020
85630 Window rectangular 535x195mm white, woodgrain ± April 2020

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your local sales manager.

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