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12-06-2019 Keep your HOME safe with our new burglar resistant products

Security should play a major role in the design of sectional doors. It is not only the loss of valuables after a break-in, but mostly the intrusion of someone's privacy. Everyone feels less safe and secure in their own home after a burglary. Therefore, it is essential to choose a burglar-proof garage door. 

DOCO has developed a range of burglar resistant products to increase protection against a break-in. The most important thing that homeowners will gain with these products is time. Many break-ins are abandoned purely because forced entry into the home cannot be accomplished quickly enough. If a door can withstand forced entry for at least three minutes, burglars often give up.

Here is an overview of our new product range that is available soon:

Track profile


  • Prevents the rollers from being forced out of the track
  • To be mounted on the vertical angle
  • Length: 2350 mm

Floor bracket


  • Prevents the bottom roller from being forced inwards
  • To be mounted on the floor and vertical angle

Top bracket


  • Prevents the panel from being lifted
  • Strengthens the aluminum curve


These burglar resistant products add extra resistance against forced entry with a quality mark up to class RC2.

Our HOME door system meets the requirements of EN 1627:2011 classification and is certified for EPCO, Kingspan, Tecnopan, Italpannelli, Marcegaglia and Niemetz door panels.

If you are interested in our burglar resistant products and already would like to receive a sample of the track profile, bottom bracket and top bracket, simply send an e-mail to with your address and we will take care of the rest.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your local sales manager.

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