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High lift

Industrial door systems

The core of all DOCO industrial door systems is its special rail set. This is available in three versions: Standard lift, High lift and Vertical lift. Each set has been developed in detail, tested and made to fit, entirely in line with DOCO’s philosophy. The wide range of track sets offers a solution for almost any installation situation.

Max. high lift

4100 mm

Max. door weight

660 kg

Max. door size

W 8500 mm - H 6500 mm

Pitched curve

5° - 45°

Configurator for industrial doors

You can configure a complete industrial door in just a few steps. Once you have entered all the information, view and download the extensive documentation provided by DOCO. Start the configurator


Vertical angle with double sealing system

The high flanged mounting angle positions the door leaf approximately 20 mm from the installation area for easy access to the double slotted holes. The side sealing weather strips guarantee the best door parameters, such as U-value, air and water permeability.

End bearing bracket

Our bearing brackets create more space between the cable drums and the panel. This reduces the risk of the cables damaging the panel when the doors are raised to a high position. Additionally, the brackets ensure the cable is perfectly aligned to the cable drum.

Universal operator support bracket

Our universal operator support bracket ensures a direct connection between the operator and the bearing plates. This support bracket is universal, and is suitable for SOMMER, GFA, Marantec and MFZ-Ovitor operators.

Safety track

The raised track edges prevent the rollers from slipping out of the track. Lateral forces are absorbed by the safety device, especially when closing the door in a curved section.

Heavy duty spring break device

DOCO's spring breakage devices have been developed and tested, using a reliable and safe design.


Use the alignment profiles to align the sectional door to the mounting surface. It is not necessary to measure crosswise.

Easy installation / Distance check

Use the c-profile as a spacer for the vertical tracks. This makes installation more accurate, faster and easier. The result is a sectional door that opens and closes perfectly.

Track set connections

Choose flat or curved connections.

Pitched curve

In situations with a sloping roof, it is better to have your door system run at the same angle as the roof. This makes optimal use of the available space. 

How your industrial door system is packaged

The horizontal and vertical track sets are custom made and checked by DOCO before they are despachted. The torsion springs are pre-assembled, and can be attached to the power unit as required, together with the spring break device, cable drum and brackets. After the final inspection, all industrial sets are wrapped in plastic for extra protection during transport so that they can be stacked.

Full vision profiles

We offer profiles and seals that can be used to build full vision doors. The range currently contains panel specific top and bottom profiles. These are used in combination with pre-milled side and intermediate profiles (for 500 and 610 mm panels) to create the full vision panel frame. Depending on the snap-on profile you choose you can use either single or double glazing. Three types of seals keep the wind out and the warmth inside. These full vision panels can be used in combination with regular panels.


ITTr industrial doors

ITTr industrial doors Download

High lift installation manual

The installation manual for our industrial door system: High lift Download

Door systems

An overview of our residential and industrial door systems, optional components, customer support, production facilities and more Download

High lift installation manual (bolted)

High lift installation manual (bolted) Download

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