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Hodnoty U Podpora

Insulation is an important topic for home owners, which means it's important for you as a door professional. To help you calculate the thermal transmittance of your sectional door, we've created a new online tool to calculate U-values.

With this tool you can easily calculate the U-value in seconds. All you need to do is fill in a few specifications of your door and you will instantly get the U-value. You can download or save this value in a PDF format for later.

You can see an example of the tool below.

NOTE: the tool can only calculate U-Values for our HOME-System at this moment.

Požádat o přístup

U-value calculator

U-value calculator features

  • Calculate the U-value within seconds
  • Download specifications
  • For our Residential HOME system
  • Available in 8 languages

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your local sales manager.

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