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05-03-2021 New price list: 2021-1

Dear customer,

Please be informed about our new price list 2021-1 which will be applicable as from 01-02-2021 until further notice.

Because of several new products and product updates we believe a new price list is desirable. Despite our continuous strive to protect the stability of our prices, the inevitable price increase is 2,8% on average. This is due to significant increases in steel and transport pricing levels worldwide.

Based on the price increases we received from our suppliers, we should have raised our prices even higher. But we will see how the market develops further in early 2021 to decide whether new corrections need to be made.

If you want a digital copy of our price list, please contact your local sales manager. Click here for an overview of our sales managers.

Yours faithfully,
DOCO International

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