New and updated products

We would like to inform you that we are introducing new products and making a number of changes to keep our current products competitive and relevant.

Here is an overview of our latest developments:



Wire bending tool for M50 spring plugs

Art. no. 900105

  • Designed to bind the spring wire into M50 spring plug set 121000
  • Max. spring thread: 6,5mm
  • Requires hand-operated press 900106

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Press tool for spring plugs

Art. no. 900106

  • Suitable for wire bending tool 900105

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Torx Powerbit T30x50mm

Art. no. 900109

  • Adaption directly into drill
  • Suitable for Torx screws 150113-116
  • Length: 50mm

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Selftapping Screw 6,3x16mm

Art. no. 150115-116

  • Improved bit-adaption in socket head resulting in easier mounting

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Cable guide

Art. no. 25456

  • This cable guide makes cable break device 25455 suitable for low headroom doors

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Cotter pin 3,2x25mm

Art. no. 150125

  • Suitable for bottom corner bracket 25032
  • DIN 94

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Spring Bumper

Art. no. 245026-27

  • Updated versions of 25026-CL & 25026-CR
  • Increased adjustability and width
  • Length: 378mm

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Spring Bumper

Art. no. 245041-42

  • Updated versions of 25041-CL & 25041-CR
  • Increased adjustability and width
  • Length: 676mm

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your local sales manager.

Yours faithfully,
DOCO International