HOME Promotion

HOME Promotion

HOME Promotion

Due to success continued until 03.03.2018

We're launching our new residential system HOME. This innovative system is built around one universal track set which can be combined with one of three hardware boxes resulting in a suitable solution for every situation.


Residential door solution with extension springs   Residential door solution with front mounted springs   Residential door solution with rear mounted torsion springs
Installation manual   Installation manual   Installation manual
Installation video   Installation video   Installation video



Limited special offer!

To celebrate the HOME system we are offering a very special promotion. When buying multiple HOME systems you will receive additional products and options.


A) 15 HOME systems*

Order 15 HOME systems and you will receive:

  • SOMMER base+ operator with LIFTer
  • Installed by a DOCO or SOMMER sales representative

Promotion 1

B) +25 HOME systems*

When ordering the next 25 HOME systems you will receive:

  • SOMMER pro+ operator 
  • SOMMER frame photo eyes
  • Choose 1 additional option from SOMMER
  • 25 full option sets of DOCO accessories

 Promotion 2


C) +25 HOME systems*

Order the next 25 HOME systems and receive:

  • 2 SOMMER operators of your choice (pro+ or base+)
  • Choose 3 additional options from SOMMER
  • 10 full option sets of DOCO accessories

 Promotion 3


D) +25 HOME systems*

Order another 25 HOME systems and:

  • Choose an additional promotion package containing the contents of either promotion A, B or C




Want to know more?

Our modular system with a universal track set is suitable for every residential solution. Watch our promo video on YouTube to learn more.

DOCO options:
All necessary HOME components are also available separately.

235223   Plastic foot
Plastic foot to mount underneath vertical angle. With a height of 8 mm it protects the vertical angle from corrosion. Easy fixation by clicking the foot around the vertical angle and securing it with the including fasteners. One set consists of a left and right version.
  235022   Alignment profile
Alignment profile designed for stability and a guaranteed corner of 90 degrees. This makes it easier to set it in place. Universal design for both left and right mounting.
235224   Operator bracket
Set to mount a SOMMER operator to the C-track. One set consists of 2 mounting brackets, 2 warning stickers and fasteners. 
  115400   Extension spring cover
Cover with esthetic finishing. Completely covers the tension springs, located in the vertical angle. This option is only available when choosing HOME-X.



For easier and more convenient installation of the tension springs on sectional doors. It is no longer necessary to lift the door yourself, making installation of the door even easier and quicker.

 base+    pro+
SOMMER base+   SOMMER pro+

The intelligent garage door operator expandable with a wide range of additional equipment.

  The innovation for garage doors. Expandable with a wide range of additional equipment. Installing control unit housing flexibly on the ceiling or wall.

SOMMER options:

Lock   Lock
Locking magnet which mechanically blocks the motor in any position up to an attack force of 300 kg (certified), thereby improving the existing break-in protection. (mechanical locking mechanism of the operator).
  Lumi+   Lumi+
Additional LED lighting for the roof control. It is switched in parallel with the lighting in the carriages and can be easily switched on and off using the light function by means of a hand-held sensor.
Senso   Senso
For recording air humidity and temperature in the garage. The carriage automatically opens and closes the door a bit if necessary, ensuring perfect air circulation. This reduces the risk of mould formation.
  Laser   Laser
Gives optical assistance for perfectly positioning a vehicle in the garage. The laser is active during the opening process and the set light burning time.
Memo   Memo
Used to expand the memory to 450 transmitter commands. If service is required, the saved transmitters can be easily moved to a new carriage.
  Relay   Relay
Additional relay for additional switching of a garage or courtyard light.
Buzzer   Buzzer
Three functions in one product: The alarm buzzer recognises a break-in attempt and outputs a loud signal tone. The warning buzzer, on the other hand, outputs an acoustic signal during the closing process or optionally when the slip door is open.
  Motion   Motion
Uses a passive infrared sensor to detect the invisible thermal radiation of moving bodies (humans/animals, etc.) and reacts to them. The operator lighting (additional lighting/relay) switches on automatically for safe movement when the garage is entered.



  • This offer is valid from 30 October to 3 March 2018 and as long as stocks last
  • Only valid for orders placed during the promotion period
  • Participation in this promotion ends after you have ordered 90 HOME systems
  • This promotion cannot be combined with other current promotions
  • Prizes are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash
  • Literal errors, errors and technical changes excepted. Illustrations are not binding

* A HOME system consists of a vertical & horizontal track set + hardware box