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DOCO no longer sees itself as just a supplier of door components but as a total solution supplier. Logistics is vital part of this solution. Previously, we only used to set quality requirements for our components; now we measure the quality of our service. As far as the customer is concerned they want the correct order at the right time and at the right location.

This is why we decided to take logistics into our own hands and give us total control of the supply chain from R&D, manufacture and delivery of the finished product to the customer’s premises.

The entire DOCO warehouse has been totally refurbished and bar code scanning introduced in order to give our employees the necessary tools for them to do the job and work in the most efficient and effective manner.

In addition to improving the internal logistics, the company has also thoroughly reworked its external logistics. The first step was to take a good look at the existing distribution structure which included warehouses in the Czech Republic, Spain and the United Kingdom. The Czech Republic used by default to take care of every delivery to Eastern Europe and Spain took care of Southern Europe. Now we look to find the most logical delivery method for each order. The customer does not notice this because they receive an invoice from their local branch just as they used to do. This has been made possible by dividing the ICT function into separate layers comprising finance, operations, sales and quality management. This gives the company a lot more flexibility to design its processes in the most efficient way possible.

Every customer can be serviced from Sittard in the Netherlands within 72 hours from order placement and DOCO is able inform the customer when their order has been processed. We are no longer dependent on third parties for our in-house logistics processes and instead we now control the entire chain of events.

However, the biggest change in the distribution process has been our collaboration with Transsmart. This young, dynamic and innovative company assists customers automate their shipping process, detects shipment abnormalities and in so doing saves on costs. We work with six transport companies who all specialise in various destinations although the majority of our orders are mainly handled by just two or three of those companies.

Transsmart provides a routing proposal for each individual shipment with an estimated cost stating which shipper will be able to transport it the most efficient and inexpensive way. As a result we can now purchase transport services in a much more intelligent manner to the benefit of our customers.

Transsmart is also able to provide customers with a Track & Trace service on every shipment even when their order is non-urgent, which customers love and which gives them the feeling that we are paying attention to their needs every time.

DOCO sees itself no longer as just a link in the chain, but by being dedicated its customers as a total solutions supplier.

That word solutions encapsulates everything we at DOCO stand for: a capacity to solve problems, working alongside the customer, connecting seamlessly with the customer’s processes.