DOCO Group Innovation

DOCO International operates a policy of continuous development and improvement. The key focus regarding innovation lies in the following fields.

Component development
This includes the design and development of new components, but also to the improvement of our existing assortment.

Development of the total solution
Our policy of continuous development strives for even better and more innovative and advanced door solutions within our Industrial and Residential systems. We constantly examine whether the current systems can be improved.

Process developments
We systematically review and evaluate our production processes. Structurally we aim to improve the quality of our products but at the same time reduce the cost. However, quality is never compromised.

Improvement of the technical support of the sales department
E.g. Through the provision of webshop, product-generator, springcalculator, springmatrix, installation manuals, test reports and CE certification. 

Quality Control
Our products and production processes are regularly and rigorously tested. All production batches undergo standard process inspection. >>